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There is no doubt that smartphones hold important places in our lives, whether you are taking pictures of your child’s first birthday, or travelling wanting to snap beautiful landscape. What once was considered a luxury is now a necessity.

Smartphone’s are so important to us but they are a very delicate piece of technology that can be damaged by the smallest drops of water. So, what can you do, when your cup gets knocked over and your heart sinks?

Or slips into the toilet?

There are several ‘popular’ methods of how to fix your phone when it has come in to contact with water, but these methods have been tested and proven unhelpful, and  could damage your device even more.

1.    Firstly, you might have been told that it is a great idea to put your phone into a container of rice, but the fact is it will not suck out the water efficiently and it could assist in the growth of mould.

2.    Another popular option is to put your phone into cat litter crystals. However, the result is similar with above and will give an odour.

3.    Using a blow dryer is not recommended as the strength and temperature of the air may disperse water in your device to unaffected areas and further damage your product.

There are some suggestions from the true Professionals here at PTC.

1.    Remove your phone from the water immediately. Time is of the essence and the least amount of time your precious phone is in contact with water, the less chance of further damage to the unit.

2.    Disconnect battery.

3.    Turn your smart phone off immediately, if you cannot remove the battery.

4.    Wipe any residing water off of the surface with a dry towel

5.    Ensure you eject your Sim card tray and SD card tray. This will allow an open window for water to escape.

     6.    Leave your phone at a warm location with good air flow until you get a chance to take your phone to your trusted phone repair shop. 

  PTC Phone repair has highly trained and experienced technicians to help you, in more than 45 locations around Australia. There are wide range of phone case and accessories in stock as well. It is your one stop phone solution.