5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Mobile Phone Cover for Protection

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android, phones aren’t made of the strongest materials. A simple fall from a kitchen benchtop or an accidental slip from your hands can leave your phone shattered and broken. Even just regularly using your phone without a case can leave it with scratches and damage. A brand new iPhone can cost well over a thousand dollars and similarly, Androids can come with a hefty price, so it is important you protect your phone so it lasts and you aren’t forking out hundreds of dollars to fix a broken phone from an accident that may occur. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a good phone case for your phone

Increased Functionality

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Mobile phone covers aren’t just there to protect your phone from harm, they can actually be used for increased functionality. At PTC, we offer a huge range of phone cases that come with cardholders, so you can have everything you need all in one place, minus your car keys of course! We also offer PopSocket phone cases that come with a circle like grip that can be used as a stand to prop up your phone, which is perfect for watching Netflix on the go. They’re also great for taking better selfies and overall make your phone easier to grip and function.

It will save you money

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A brand new phone costs well into the hundreds, if not thousands to replace and the cost of fixing a phone isn’t always cheap either. While some people opt for phone insurance to ensure their phone can be replaced or fixed without charge,  others that don’t will likely end up with a pretty hefty bill if their phone gets damaged, especially if there is damage to the inner workings of the phone. A phone case can be anywhere between ten dollars to a hundred, but that amount is small in comparison to the cost of fixing a phone. While the protection of a phone case varies depending on the brand and type, it is better than having no case at all. If you are after a sturdy case, we recommend our Heavy Duty Strong Range. These phone cases all come with shockproof and drop protection, so it will be just fine if your phone accidentally slips out of your hand onto a hard surface. 

Increased resale value

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If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, but your current model is working just fine, it may be worth selling your old one so you can get some extra cash. If you’ve used a protective phone case on your phone, it is likely that it will have little to 

 no damage and scratches, making the resale value higher. 


At PTC we source the highest quality pre-owned devices that have been protected with cases and give them some tender, love and care from our team. If you’re interested in purchasing a pre-loved phone at a bargain price, click here. 

Show of your personality

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We totally get it, a brand new phone looks amazing without a phone case. However, we guarantee it won’t look amazing for long without a phone case to protect it! There are plenty of cases that enhance the natural features of a brand new phone, whilst still providing protection. For many, a phone case is a way to show of your unique style and personality! From floral patterns and bright colours to phone cases that depict your favourite Star Wars character, there really is a phone case for everyone. We guarantee we have a phone case that you will love, click here to check out our full range or head in store! 

Protect your phone from dust

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Did you know that dust can really damage your phone? If dust or other harmful particles enter your phone’s speakers it can affect the quality of its sound. Moreover, it can also affect the overall look of your phone by disintegrating its natural colour. Most cases will protect your phone from some dust, however, we recommend our Heavy Duty Range for the ultimate protection. 


A quality phone case is worth investing in! If you’re after the perfect phone case to match your style and personality, whilst also providing your phone with the ultimate protection, head to our website or visit us in store! 


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Our product range consists of high-quality mobile phone cases, a wide selection of phone screen protection, individually selected repair parts, and accessories. Our purchasing team travels frequently to ensure that the products that are reaching our customers are up to our front line standard.