5 Gift Ideas for Christmas

5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Christmas is the best time of the year. A time when family and friends come together to celebrate, eat amazing food, and give each other gifts. Now, we’ve all received gifts that we absolutely love but we’re willing to bet there’s also been a few over the years that have made a perfect re-gift item (guilty as charged) or simply was not something you would ever use.

Now if you’re like us, you’re here because you don’t want your gift to end up in these categories and even though you’ve had all year to think about it.. it’s now become a last minute job. Don’t worry. We got you.

We have prepared the ultimate guide to last minute Christmas presents. Only the best gift ideas have been selected to help you shop for that special person just in time for your family get-together.

1. Tough On 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station
Tough On 3 in 1 Charging
Tough On 3 in 1 Charging Station by PTC Shop

On sale down to $79.95 from $159.95 and one of the best gift ideas for Christmas that you need to consider is the Tough On 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Stand Dock. It is designed to charge an Apple iPhone, Airpods, iWatch, and Samsung smartphone. When you gift it to your loved one, he or she will be delighted by just how convenient the stand dock is. You can even get a charger power adapter if you want. It is important that you offer a gift that is useful.

The 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Stand Dock can seamlessly charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, Samsung Earbuds, and even Samsung Galaxy Phone. It can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. It does not get better than this. Besides, your loved one will be blown away by its multi-function design that offers a tidy charging stand.

With just 1 charging cable, it is possible to charge up to 3 devices. It will help make one’s desk or room look neater. Besides, it does a great job of making charging more convenient. Since most people struggle with charging all their devices, you can count on it to be loved by your family member, especially for its fast charging. Get yours here.

2. Bloody B120N Keyboard and V7M Mouse Gaming Combo Set
Bloody B120N Keyboard and V7M Mouse Gaming Combo Set With Free Gift Mouse Pad
Bloody Combo Set With Free Gift Mouse Pad by PTC Shop

Another great Christmas gift idea that you should consider is the Bloody B120N Keyboard and V7M Mouse Gaming Combo Set. It comes with a free mouse pad and is possibly the most amazing present that you can gift to a loved one who enjoys gaming and can be found on his or her keyboard. At $59.99 down from $99.99, it’s the perfect gift!

When it comes to buying a Christmas present, you need to get your loved one something that they can put to use in their daily life and think of you when they do. This is where this gift idea truly shines. It offers dependable durability and is made for gamers. It offers a 1000 Hz report rate which is truly impressive along with an anti-slipper keyboard lift to keep the fun going.

The best thing about the Bloody B120N Keyboard and V7M Mouse Gaming Combo Set is that it comes with Elite Bloody Key Dominator Software that will enhance the gaming experience of your little one. It also features suspended keycaps, an exclusive “Ahead” technology, 6 sniper modes, and zero bouncing output. This revolutionary anti-ghosting keyword enables multiple keys to simultaneously work together at high speed. Get yours here.

3. Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 2 10000mAh Power Bank Black
Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 2 10000mAh Power Bank
Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 2 10000mAh Power Bank

The next Christmas gift idea that we had to mention is the Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 2 10000mAh Power Bank. Cygnett has truly outdone itself with this amazing power bank. It is available in black color as is apparent from its name and is compatible with Android, iPhone, and tablet. The reason why it makes for the perfect Christmas gift is for only $49.95 it immediately charges smartphones just when one needs them the most.

Now, your loved one would never have to panic about their phone battery dying as your gift will instantly restore enough juice to keep them going. The Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 2 can charge the phone battery back to 100 percent within just a short amount of time. Offering 10,000 mAh of power, it does a terrific job at powering multiple USB devices and even drones. It offers 2 USB-A and 3A USB-C ports for charging 3 devices at a time along with a built-in display for tracking the remaining charging power. Shop here.

4. Phone Repair
Repair Phone
Repairing a phone by PTC Phone Tech & Comm

If your loved one’s phone is not working, you should consider hiring a phone repair service for them as their Christmas present. The thing about Christmas presents is helping one another and there is no better way to help your family member than by getting their phone repaired by reaching out to an expert. It will all be worth it when you see the gleaming smile on their face. Your family member will be excited to know that you care about getting his or her phone fixed. It will be a Christmas miracle for him or her, and you will get to play the role of a loving family member. The fact is that a phone repair service is just as amazing of a Christmas present as any other Christmas gift idea mentioned in this post. Book your repair with us at anytime here.

5. A Second Hand Phone
Second Hand iPhone
Second Hand & Pre-owned phones at PTC Shop

Lastly, when a repair isn’t able to be done, you can also get a second hand phone for your loved ones this Christmas. Since a second hand phone costs considerably less and offers all the same perks as a brand new phone, it makes for the ultimate Christmas present. When you hand a second hand phone to your family member, they will be amazed that you actually got them such an awesome present for Christmas. You might not realize it now but a second hand phone is actually something that could cheer others up. Besides, everyone needs a phone. If you have a loved one who does not have a phone you can get them a second hand one as it will not cost you a lot of money and you will be doing a great thing for the environment. Shop the range here or visit a store near you.

Now you know our top 5 gift ideas for Christmas, Regardless of what you pick from our list, we promise you that the above gifts will help spread Christmas joy and become a gift to remember!


Updated on December 14th, 2021.