PTC Care Plus

PTC Care Plus

by PTC Phone Tech & Comm

PTC Phone Tech & Comm is the fastest growing tech retailer in Australia. Our expertise in device repairs and accessories has enabled us to support local communities and instill trust in our services. Our mission?

“To provide the best solutions for smart devices in Australia.”

Buying a PTC Care Plus plan is more than just a care plan for your phone. It’s joining thousands of Australians who wish to keep their devices fresh, save money, and join a like minded community of people with our PTC Club! Loyalty Program.

If your device needs repairing, 80 PTC stores across Australia have a dedicated repair team. Don’t wait for long repair times and the hassle of posting your phone away after spending hours backing up your data. Buy PTC Care Plus and take control of your phone again.

Introducing the new way to keep your phone fresh.



Lite Plan is the perfect solution for protect your new device if you don't drop them very often.
$9.99/per month

*$20 activation fee for Monthly Payment

360˚ Protection
Monthly Standard Screen Protector
Screen Replacement
Battery Replacement
$100 of In Store Vouchers*
Free Cleaning Kit
Free Birthday Gift
Free Inspection Service
Free Deep Clean Service

Why a PTC
Care Plus Membership?

On the Spot Repairs

Don’t wait days or weeks getting your device fixed. With PTC Care Plus repairs are done on site with your exclusive membership pricing.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind with a care plan that covers a wide range of device makes and models of all ages. PTC Care Plus packages offer flexibility for you to choose how you protect your phone, always.

Monthly Perks

Replace your screen protector every month. Protect your screen and enjoy a fresh phone feeling every month with a new screen protector.

Take advantage of exclusive offers. Refer a friend, claim your discounts, or browse our range of exclusive partner offers for PTC Care Plus members.

Don't worry about Data

Keep your data*. Repair your phone at any PTC Retail store and keep your data on your phone. No data back up or transfer required.

*Not applicable in all circumstances. Terms and conditions apply. See in store for details.

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What is PTC Care Plus?

An excellent mobile phone device protection service product to provide extra benefits, services and support for your mobile phone device.

What kind of Device does PTC Care Plus cover?

PTC Care Plus is available to most kinds of common models. Please refer to our Device Coverage page or speak to our friendly customer service team at customerservice@ptc.net.au

Does PTC Care Plus only available to Brand new phone?

No. PTC Care Plus welcome to currently using phone. Please check our Device Coverage page to find is your device supported by PTC Care Plus.

How do I cancel my PTC Care Plus Membership?

Please contact our online customer service or call 1300 000 349 to discuss your needs. Our lovely agent will help you to resolve your enquiry.

How do I claim for my phone repair?

Login to your member portal and complete the repair request form, then our customer service agent will contact you to confirm your booking. 

Where is my device repaired?

In most cases, phone repair process will be done in your preference local PTC Store, which means you can talk, see and check your device on the spot. In additional, PTC has more than 80 stores in Australia and we are still growing very fast.

Can I purchase more than one membership for my second device?

Sure, you can purchase more than one device and you will receive discount for your second subscription.

What happen if my subscription phone is lost or damaged?

Please contact our customer service agent to get your new phone information replaced in our system. PTC Care Plus offer one time subscription phone changing for each subscription, which means you will be able to transfer your service to your new phone.

PTC Care Plus Terms and Conditions – click here.

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