Water Damage Repairs

Fast, professional Liquid Damage Repair for all models. Get your device fixed by Australia’s leading phone repairer.
Accidentally dropped your phone in water? That’s alright, let our team of specialists help you out and get your phone fixed in no time.

Water Damaged Phone Repair Services

Dropped your phone accidentally in the sink while washing dishes or worse, in a toilet or a swimming pool? That’s alright, our team at PTC can help you fix your phone and potentially recover your data.

The best way we can provide you with a quote on your water-damaged device is by bringing it to your nearest PTC location. With such a complex and detailed repair, we need to complete a full inspection to ensure we provide you with the most accurate price and repair timeline. 

First, we inspect your device and seek the parts within your device that need replacing. When this is complete we will communicate the cost and timeline of repair with you and wait for your approval to go ahead. As soon as we get the green light, your device hits the procedure table for a part refresh. Once we have tested the device after repair we provide you with your newly repaired device! 

We provide free quotes for mobile repair services on the top brands
Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Sony, Google, LG and Xiaomi.

Is it worth fixing water damage or should I buy a new device? 
We will always advise what’s best for you and your device, if we think that it would be more beneficial for you to purchase a new phone, we will definitely let you know! 

Some water damage repairs are simple, easy, and effective whilst others will have you seeking a new phone in an instant! 

Fun Fact – Salt water causes a lot more damage than any other type of water. Be careful around the beaches of Australia!