PTC Phone Tech & Comm

PTC Phone Tech & Comm is the fastest growing tech retailer in Australia. Our expertise in device repairs and accessories has enabled us to support local communities and instill trust in our services. Our mission? 

“To provide the best solutions for smart devices in Australia.”

Our product range consists of high-quality mobile phone cases, a wide selection of phone screen protection, individually selected repair parts and accessories. Our purchasing team travels frequently to ensure that the products that are reaching our customers are up to our front line standard.

PTC also guarantees that we can provide unique designs and high-quality products working with a variety of well know brands and their sole-distributors. PTC has a lot of contribution into designing and creating our own compositions to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition, PTC has become Australia’s first Mobile Accessory company to become licensed distributors of Marvel & Disney phone accessory products. This accomplishment is something that we are extremely proud of, as we are always striving to become the best we can for our customers.

If your device needs repairing, all 83 stores across Australia have a dedicated repair team. Our experienced and friendly technicians can help you with various issues on your device. This includes screen repairs, battery replacements, charging issues, button issues, speaker issues and much more. With competitive prices and a stringent repair procedure, you can enjoy our express phone repair service whilst knowing that your device is in the right hands.

About Us

Company Mission and Direction

Our mission is to support Australia by growing to 100 stores by 2025. As a market leader in repairs and accessories, to support the reduction of e-waste and contribute to the longevity of current device lifespans, our direction allows more customers access to maintenance and care for their technology products.

About Us

Company Vision

To provide the best solutions for smart devices in Australia.


Formed our warehouse team to support the retail stores
First PTC store outside of Queensland opens (Tweed City, NSW)
ZUSLAB brand was created for the Australian Consumer
PTC became Australia Wide
PTC opened it’s 30th store in Australia
PTC opened it’s 40th store in Australia (Coomera, Gold Coast)
PTC became Australia’ first licensed distributor of Marvel & Disney phone accessories
PTC aims to open it’s 100th PTC store in Australia