Our expert team of technicians can come to your door, or you can visit one of our 80+ locations to have your phone repaired that day.


PTC has fully trained and experienced technicians, they will help you to fix any problems with your smart-phone or tablet.


We have stores located all over the country and offer a range of comprehensive service selections, depending on your location and availability.


You can find worldwide phone cases, popular products, and the latest designs in all PTC shops near you!

We come to you for your mobile phone repairs

We rely on our smartphones for every aspect of our lives in the modern world. They are not just our primary method for communication, but a valuable work tool and a terrific portable source of entertainment.

If your device is damaged, our expert team of technicians can come to your door and have it swiftly fixed so you will never be offline for long.

Our experienced team specialises in iPhone repair, including other popular brands like Samsung, but we are not limited to just the big players. We can also assist you with popular brands including all Androids, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia – you name it. Our workshop has all of the parts on hand to get your device back up and running, and we specialise in all replacements and maintenance.

Best of all, our specialities are not limited to smartphones either. If you have an Android tablet or iPad that needs a new screen or any other form maintenance, we can assist.

Our Phone Repair Services

If your screen is cracked, not responding, flickering or blank, it will likely need to be replaced. Our team will work to establish the core of the issue and either replace or fix the screen, resulting in the lowest possible cost for the repair.

If you are experiencing issues with charging your device, there could be a range of problems causing this. You may require a new battery or potentially there is debris in the charging port which could be affecting your device’s ability to charge.

If your device has been damaged by water, depending on the damage it could be incredibly hard to resolve. If your phone has experienced water damage, give our team a call and we can work out the best resolution for repair.

If you are having trouble opening your camera, our team is happy to troubleshoot a range of solutions. Should your camera be cracked or broken, we can also look into replacement options for your device.

Did you know that there are serveal microphones and speakers in your device? If you or the person you are calling are experiencing problems with hearing or talking, we can help you with that by providing a deep clean service or by replacing the speaker or microphone to provide the best sound quality.

Sticky or broken buttons are incredibly frustrating. At PTC, we can quickly identify the issue with your buttons and work to provide an effective solution.

If you are experiencing issues with charging your device, there could be a range of problems causing this. You may require a new battery or potentially there is debris in the charging port which could be affecting your device’s ability to charge.

If you have a problem with your phone reception or connection you must bring it in to us at PTC. We can help you to do a full inspection to find the actual issue and repair on site.

All of your accessory needs

There is nothing worse than a cracked screen. With our range of cases and protectors for all models, you can have the shields you need to safeguard your device. All of these protective devices have been designed specifically for your model and will secure your screen from bumps, knocks and other mishaps.

PTC are re-sellers of widely know brands across the globe. These include OtterBox, Lifeproof, EFM, CaseMate and now Disney & Marvel products. We have also created a product line called ZUSLAB to cater to our wide range of customers and has become one amongst the popular products we sell. The quality of our products come first and are made of environmentally friendly materials, which makes them durable, long-lasting and better for the environment.

Stores Situated Across Australia

Having fixed over 1 million devices, PTC is Australia’s #1 device repair service. With drop off, pick up and mail in options for repair, our team is incredibly flexible when it comes to fixing devices. PTC only uses the highest quality parts at the most competitive price.

Partners and Authorised Resellers

Choose us for mobile screen repairs and more

Some of the most common requests we get are for:

  • Cracked and damaged screens: These are the most common requests that we receive. We can repair a wide range of makes and models including iPhone Screen Repair and Samsung.
  • Home button problems: Another common failure in mobiles is the home button, which can become stuck or completely unresponsive. Our team can repair, clean and replace home, power and sleep/wake buttons so you can regain full functionality.
  • Device not charging: This is a common failure as your charging port gets a lot of use. It can be very simple for residue to creep in or for the port to become bent or broken, which means it is only a matter of time until your battery dies. You can trust our team to get your device charging correctly again.
  • If your device has become water damaged, won’t turn on or has any other structural damage, our team will diagnose the problem, and if it can be fixed, we will get you back online quickly.

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