Button Repairs

Have a stuck or non-working button or your phone? Is your mute switch no longer operative? Can’t get your volume buttons to work properly? That’s alright, let our team of specialist help you out and get your phone fixed in no time

Button Repairs Information

We’ll open your phone and replace the broken components. Please note that if we need to replace a home button that supports touch ID (iPhone 6s, 7 series and 8 series) then we will be able to replace the button with a new working button, however the “Touch ID” feature will no longer be operative.

Phone Button Replacement Turnaround Times
We can repair most audio issues in around 30 minutes. However, for more recent iPhone or Samsung models, we require additional time due to the need to remove the adhesive attached.

We provide free quotes for mobile repair services on the top brands
Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Sony, Google, LG and Xiaomi.