Mobile Phone Repairs Sydney

Searching for affordable and efficient mobile and touchscreen repairs in Sydney? Australia’s number one mobile service is here to help.

PTC offers a comprehensive service for fixing smartphones and other electronic devices. From screen replacements to fixing faulty buttons, our team of expert technicians can quickly identify the issues causing your device to malfunction.

Cracked and broken screens are the most common issues that we deal with. We offer the fastest turnaround times at the most competitive rates. Our expert team can also assist you with screen protectors and cases that are going to provide the best protection against bumps and drops.

Water damage is another major issue with sensitive electronics. Depending on the severity and how much water reached the motherboard and chips, we may be able to salvage your gadgets. At the very least, we can attempt to recover your information, images and data.

We can also repair a wide range of different models, including the latest Apple iPhones and iPads, Samsung and Android devices, along with all other brands.

Offering a range of options for smartphone repairs

PTC offers a list of comprehensive and convenient options for getting your device fixed, including:

Bring in-store: Make a reservation with your local PTC Centre to have your mobile fixed while you shop.

Mail-in: Contact our customer service team to arrange to mail-in your mobile to your local PTC Centre and have it fixed. One day standard processing applies, in addition to the delivery period.

Door-to-door service: In light of the current pandemic, PTC Sydney has added this contactless service. We can collect your device from your home or business and have it returned to you in as-new condition, without any risk of infection.

Simple, easy and affordable service in Sydney

Our fully trained technicians can fix any problem and only use factory certified parts to ensure the repairs outlast the longevity of your used model. Having fixed over one million devices for our customers, you can be confident in our expertise and service.

For additional information on our services, pricing or to book an appointment, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today. Give our head office a call at 1300 000 349 or email us at and we can assist you further regarding your enquiry.

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