iPhone Repairs in Joondalup

iPhone Repairs in Joondalup

From screen cracks to software bugs, we appreciate how stressful it can be when your phone breaks. To help you get back online ASAP, we’ve broken down the ins-and-outs of commonly seen iPhone issues and when you know it’s time to go in for a repair.

Summarising the need-to-know information about basic iPhone repairs, we’ll cover the process, common problems, and even a few DIY solutions you can try at home before deciding to take the plunge and heading into a repair team.

(Lastly, we’ll cover a few instances where you should not try to DIY at home and how to know it’s time to see a professional.)

What You need to Know About iPhone Repairs

We get it–the world of iPhones seems super user friendly until yours breaks down and you’re stuck with a non-operational phone and no existing knowledge to get it fixed. Fear not—knowing a few of the basics about iPhones, common breakdown issues, and the fundamentals of mobile devices can make the world of difference when it comes to facing down a broken phone.

Among the most common issues we see facing the phones that incomes into our Joondalup iPhone Repair shop are:

  • Cracked screens
  • Faulty or dead batteries
  • Unresponsive buttons

Irksome–the good news is that most of the above commonly seen issues are fixable in the right hands. The trick is knowing when your potential breakdown is something you can repair at home and when it’s time to see a professional who has the right tools and know-how to fix–and not further damage–your phone.

Read on to find out more about DIY-ing–and not–your phone issues.

DIY and At-home iPhone Repairs

What’s the allure behind DIY iPhone repairs? For one, it’s cost-effective. By doing the repair yourself, you can potentially save an expense you hadn’t planned for. Secondly, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from fixing your own device–and we get it. Knowing how to fix your phone once can save you a second time should you run into trouble again.

For straightforward issues like a cracked screen or a jammed home button for older model iPhones, a DIY repair kit that you can source online might be the ticket. These at-home kits come with all the necessary tools and detailed instructions to guide you through the process and can make getting your phone fixed fast and affordable.

That said, remember that DIY repairs are not without risks and one wrong move could lead to more damage–and more cost. If you’re unfamiliar with the workings of an iPhone–or aren’t sure what the issue is to begin with–we recommend seeking professional advice.

When to Seek Professional iPhone Repair Services

While DIY-ing an iPhone repair has its perks, some situations call for a professional’s touch. If your device has serious issues like water damage, faulty hardware, or unresponsive software—it’s time to call in an expert.

Professional iPhone repair service providers have the necessary tools, parts, and expertise to handle complex problems. PTC offer warranties on certain repairs, but not for motherboard or water damage restoration.


All in all, iPhone repairs don’t have to be as panic-worthy as when your phone first breaks down. Armed with a little knowledge and the right resources, you might be able to diagnose and navigate a simple repair at home with the right tools; that said, remember to accurately assess the situation and know when a potential make-or-break situation could call for professional help.

Need a hand? Reach out to the PTC Joondalup iPhone repairs today.

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