mi10/mi10 Pro Premium Service

mi10/mi10 Pro Premium Service

End users who purchased Mi10/Mi10 Pro in any Xiaomi local authorized sales channel and activated locally, will get 1-time Free Screen Damage Protection,
which refers to one time free repair service at Xiaomi local Authorized Service Center if Screen damage within warranty period from the product activation date.

With this Protection, if the screen is physically damaged and cannot be used normally (excluding intentional damage), end user can obtain one time free screen replacement service at the local Xiaomi Authorized Service Center.

This Screen Damage Protection is not applicable in any of the following circumstances:

  1. Damage to the Screen caused by your intentional behavior
  2. The appearance damage of the mobile phone, such as paint stripping, scratching, fading and other damaged that do not affect normal use
  3. Any indirect or incidental damages caused by accidental damage (including but not limited to unusable, business loss, profit loss, data loss, time loss)
  4. The model or IMEI is altered, missing, unrecognizable or inconsistent with the one recorded when purchasing the Product
  5. The Product has been disassembled or repaired by any repair outlet which is not Xiaomi Authorized Service Center
  6. The Product is lost due to robbed, lost, etc
  7. The request of Screen repair is not within the time limit of the Screen crack warranty or the agreed service time limit
  8. War, hostilities, military acts, armed conflicts, strikes, riots, terrorist activities
  9. Administrative act or judicial act
  10. Typhoons, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or tsunamis, nuclear reactions, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination
  11. Depreciation after repair

Termination of 1-time Free Screen Damage Protection

In any of the following circumstances, the protection Service is naturally terminated:

  1. The expiration date of Screen damage protection as stipulated in above terms.
  2. The product is repaired by a repair outlet which is not Xiaomi Authorized Service Center
  3. One time free Screen replacement has been done in accordance with the provisions of the Screen Damage Protection Service terms

If Xiaomi find that damage is caused by your intentional behavior, the protection service will be automatically terminated.