Repair vs New? The modern dilema

We used to repair things that were damaged. Nowadays we throw everything out even if it’s still working. Businesses thrive on impulse buys and increase sales with a ‘new phone feeling’ attitude. There’s nothing wrong with a piece of new equipment, but have you ever had your photos saved after your phone went swimming? That’s a feeling we can get behind.

Phones, tablets and other electronic devices have become our daily necessities, and their costs keep rising. Ironically, the faster technology evolves, the more e-waste we produce which inevitably ends up in landfill.

In the hopes to help our planet and your pocket, we may have a few ideas below.

Repair vs New? The modern dilema

Why repair?

1. Price.

Obviously, purchasing a new iPhone, Samsung or iPad is always more expensive than repairing it. Most people use to replace their phone when it gets damaged or gets slower, and costs now consistently breaking the $2,000 mark it can be an expensive decision. A mobile repair technician can assess your device and give you the right information to get your phone back to it’s glory days. With pricing starting from $69 for screen replacement, repairing can save you money, and PTC provides the best service and options available for you.

Repair vs New? The modern dilema

2. E-waste.

Perhaps the biggest modern threat to our environment. It contains chemicals and toxic components which will seep into landfill and destroy the earth. Mishandling e-waste is a common issue that happens around the world. Instead of promoting the correct way to recycle and dispose of it, we would like to encourage society to reduce and repair, to solve the problem at the beginning. How do we do it? We partner with Mobile Muster, an Australian recycling initiative to keep unwanted e-waste from the trash and back into the material lifecycle to have a second life.

Repair vs New? The modern dilema

3. Save time

Repairs can save you time! Buying a new smartphone is straightforward and quick… until you have to transfer data! *Insert grumpy facial expression*. These procedures are time-consuming and never full proof! Most repairs can be complete within 45 minutes at any mobile repair centre and at PTC Phone Tech & Comm, you can book online to be prepared or walk right on in. Contactless phone repair service is available as well, check our website for more information.

Repair vs New? The modern dilema

So, what is the reason for replacing? Come to PTC, and we provide the best, the most cost-efficient service and the most competitive price. 

Our phone repair service

Our experienced team services all models of the popular iPhone and Samsung brands, but we are not limited to just the big players. We can also assist you with popular brands including all Androids, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia – you name it. Our workshop has all of the parts on hand to get your device back up and running, and we specialise in all replacements and maintenance.

Best of all, our specialities are not limited to smartphones either. If you have an Android tablet or iPad that needs a new screen or any other form maintenance, we can assist.